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Doing what matters most, first. Simple, but not easy.

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I found a Covey video that really brings to life an article I wrote on time management. It’s six minutes. You will find that unless you make sure to plan your ‘Big Rocks’ first for the week and the day, you will not have room for what matters most. The pebbles of life will quickly gobble up the time you needed to have the life you say you want. Just in case you think you already plan, it’s simple to check if its true. Do you write down your weekly and daily 6 most important goals and schedule them on a consistent basis? Simple but not easy, and a total game changer.


The secret to life: Rejection from the Gap

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I once applied at the Gap for a job. I think I was still in HS at the time. They politely said no. So I thanked them and left and came back the next day. They said nothing changed, and they would let me know if they had an opening. I thanked them and left and came back the next day. They assured me nothing would change in a day and not to bother coming back the next day as nothing would change. I thanked them and left and came back the next day. This time the manager was pretty annoyed at me. Told me he didn’t have time to talk to me as he already told me many times they have nothing available and to go away. I thanked him and left and came back the next day. This time though something different happened. It was if the absurdity of it all was setting in. He thought it was funny and actually smiled. He still didn’t have a job, but the manager started to get that I meant business. He said nothing changed. I thanked him and left and came back the next week. This time they set up an appointment to interview me. I came back for the interview a week or so later and got the job. Ironically I actually got a better offer in the middle of this process with a local bike shop that my uncle owned, so I didn’t actually take the job.

Here are some take away’s from this little story.

One: Because they weren’t hiring I was the only one applying. This makes my odds of getting hired actually better then if they were hiring and there were a 100 other applicants! Where do you want to work? Why wait for them to post a job available? Go and find something you offer that they didn’t know they need right now.

Two: This same principle can be used for anything in life. Do you wait to be offered what you have always wanted? Are you waiting for the job, the relationship, the recognition to show up in as a help wanted ad? Stop it! Get off your butt and what you know you can do, even if it’s applying at a company that isn’t hiring. “Luck favors the bold”.

Three: As a kid you had a fantastic strategy to get what you wanted from mom and others. You just asked. They you asked again. Then you pleaded. Then you coerced. Then you promised things. Then you cried. It was very effective then, I’d say you had at least a 50% closing ratio back then. Imagine that kind of ratio today in your business if you would just lay aside your pride and not take a no like you did as a kid! You can have more tact then a kid. Yes, more tact.

Four: Going for all I knew that was available seemingly opened up opportunities that I didn’t even knew existed. Go for what you know right now! Sure it might not be enough to satisfy your needs, but taking those first steps and climbing that stupid little hill will leave you on higher ground with a better view. It might not be where you want to end up, but you would have never known the right way to turn unless you went that “wrong way”.

Extra bit, because I just got myself excited: Forge ahead! Be silly and wrong and stupid and unrelenting and willing to be seen as desperate and brass and unreasonable and contradicting to what you said a week ago!

I say throw out the molds and the rules that keep you cooped up in a neat little life that you are dying in.

Just a thought. You can borrow it if you think it fits.

Emotions: Great indicators. Horrible masters.

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“I am angry.” “I am sad.” “I am depressed”. “I am so frustrated I’m gonna punch you in the nose!” Et cetera.
Here is a word to the wise. Emotions are not you. You have emotions. It’s true you may feel the emotion of angry, or sad, or depressed, but it is not who you are.

Here is a bit of brain science for any of you wanna-be science geeks like me. Our 5 senses bring in about a million bits of information a second. But you can only handle about 7 bits, or “chunks” (grouped bits of info) at a time. So what does your brain do? It just deletes everything but those 7 bits. This means that you are deleting 99.99993% of all information available to you before you even consider what it is!

How does your brain know what to delete and what to keep? Your brain has filters that are preset up. These filters are like bouncers at a club. If you are on the list you can get in. If you aren’t, you get left outside. The list is your past experiences of what is important and what worthy of considering. Basically, what you have accepted as true in the past, your brain is programed its filters to find only information to substantiate its belief.

Imagine with me if you had a million words to choose from, but you could only choose 7, would you be able to find the words to clearly say any meaning you wanted to from that amount of possibilities? Of course you would! That is what is happening in your life right now.

Maybe you’ve noticed this? Have you noticed that you seem to always get in the same circumstances, get treated the same way, get into the same trouble, same problems, same kind of friends, same relationships, same … you get the point. This is not happening to you. You are unconsciously designing your life to repeat! Yikes, right?

The point of this interesting fact is that your greatest opportunity that you have is not “out there”, but right in front of you. It’s in the people that you already know, but have only thought of them in one static limiting way. It’s in the opportunity that you are already in. Up till now have only thought of in a limiting, one possibility kind of way. It’s in the kind of person that you think you are right now. I have news for you. You are who ever you say you are. Start saying different things about yourself.

Emotions are indicators of what you are thinking about. Bill Harris, creator of Holosync said, “All, yes all bad feelings come from thinking about what you do not want.” Period. If you have a feeling the you would consider bad, it is because you are thinking about something that you do not want. If your thoughts are on that thing that you do not want, it is directing your focus. If you have a million pieces of data or proof available (bits of info from your five senses) at all times you will always, always, ALWAYS be able to find some data to prove that you are right about the way you feel.

Emotions are great indicators. They reveal what you are focusing on. Emotions are horrible masters. That is because your emotions change as fast as your focus does. For some of us this can be often. If you get clear on your goals and make a plan and implement your plan when you “feel like” it, then good luck. You will need it. With out a rich uncle you are gonna be broke! … Just sayin…

So fire your emotions as your master. They are not intended for that. Pay attention to them. When you are feeling good it is because you are focusing on what matters most to you. When you are feeling bad you are focused on what you don’t want, what will go wrong and what you afraid of. So STOP IT, and refocus on what matters most to you.

If you remind yourself hourly for the next 7 days to do this simple question, “Am I focusing on what I want, or don’t want?” or when you your feeling bad, zero in on what you don’t want that you are focusing on and decide “How can I go towards what I do want”, I promise you, life will literally transform before your eyes.

The secret to develop your people & simultaneously save time.

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Time Management meets People Development.

Over the years I have picked up some key strategies that make the biggest difference in a business and in a life. Can you imagine if you had 10 more or yourself to help you? You could get so much done so fast! If you faithfully implement this delegation strategy you will multiply your team’s efforts and results by ten fold by the end of a few quarters.