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Piggy back rides are one at a time.

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The saying goes, “You can help a 1000, but can’t carry 3 on your back.”

What you do for another that they can do for themselves makes them weaker. Helping others do what they can do for themselves does not make them stronger.


Managers, parents and the others out there that “need” someone else to do well, please consider. If you are doing for others what they are able to do for themselves (presentations, homework, dishes, laundry, reports, paying bills, etc.) is it really for their good or for you to feel good? … My experience is that most of the time this sort of action is a selfish action on the caretaker’s part.

This is an act of taking, which is selfish and about you avoiding feeling back, feeling uncomfortable that someone else looks in an unbecoming way and feeling like when they look bad it is a bad reflection on you. This is a selfish and taking act. Notice I did not say a selfish person or a taker. My belief is the person is good, the actions come from unhealthy beliefs that don’t work. Actions that use others and harm others to be self serving just do not work.

Here is why, it’s the struggle of a worthy cause that brings the highest life. 🙂 

So, all of you that are well intended, but keep the people you care about weak and crippled by your caretaking, consider this before you “help” again. When you do for them what they can do for themselves you are crippling them.

I have written more on the attitudes and beliefs that support strength for those that report to us and are in our lives. How you come to any situation is what makes the difference, not the situation itself. Go HERE for information on my book on how to transform yourself into the supporter and catalyst for profitable change, instead of the caretaker.

Employee Engagement Does Effect the Bottom Line

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I love this product put out by Get those employees engaged. It is the fastest way to lowering costs and increasing performance. Do it!

With loose socks, your failure locks.

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I am a profit and sales strategist. My specialty is human behavior. I help companies raise the bar of what is possible in performance and sales that creates 30% increases within 90 days. Here is what I do and how I do it. Why not apply this so you can do it too.


Just like a high end athlete can’t raise the bar just by trying harder, neither can you. Bad habits, strategy and beliefs will always leave you with bad results. Even worse, we are trying to do it with painful blisters that make every step painful. This causes involuntary holding back that sabotages our success. Basketball coach John Wooden won ten NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) national championships in a 1

I am trained to see and remove those loose socks that you and your team have allowed that are causing the blisters and keeping you from your success. Tight sight makes it right. Then we design and implement strategy is to get to the results that have been waiting for you.2-year period, seven in a row, as head coach at UCLA, an unprecedented feat. Within this period, his teams won a record 88 consecutive games. He was named national coach of the year six times. The first thing he would do with his players that came to work with the “Wizard of Westwood” as he was called was to teach them to put on their socks. What is the big deal about loose socks? A loose sock causes blisters. You don’t win championships with players with blisters. With loose socks your failure locks.

With loose socks, your failure locks.

Tight sight makes it right.

What this means is that I help organizations become so clear that they know now when they are off course, instead of a months or years when some damage in irreversible.

  1. I help them become aware of the obstacles and loose socks that have been creating the blisters that sabotage success
  2. Then I help design strategy to overcome them
  3. Finally I manage a diligent implementation process to assure results.
  • Edison at VHA Corp’s loose socks were sloppy questions focused on his service, instead of client need.  Tightening up those questions led to a 30% increase in sales in 6 weeks.
  • Steve at Standard Investment’s loose sock was a faulty strategy to high-net individuals, thinking all they cared about was more money. After tightening up he gained 2 new clients within 60 days that doubled his business.
  • VHA Corporation’s loose socks was a culture where candor was asked for, but  if acted on. Tightening up there looked like an intentional process where the unsaid conversations were said so the key role players could hear and act on it. This managed change and got the 150 employees to align and perform within their mandated vision and sustained unprecedented growth.

What is pressing for you and your organization at this time? Your fist step is to chunk your goals down to the absurd and make sure they are supporting and not sabotaging. Tighten up those loose socks. What do you and your team do every day that is taking away from the goal? Stop that. Having the sight to see those blister causing activities can transform your business. That is why tight sight makes it right. What should you and your team be doing EVERY DAY that would make all the difference in success? Start that today.

The secret to develop your people & simultaneously save time.

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Time Management meets People Development.

Over the years I have picked up some key strategies that make the biggest difference in a business and in a life. Can you imagine if you had 10 more or yourself to help you? You could get so much done so fast! If you faithfully implement this delegation strategy you will multiply your team’s efforts and results by ten fold by the end of a few quarters.

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