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Sales Tales

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Peter was terrified to make the call.

You’d never guess that he would be scared to make the call. He was a good looking guy in his 30s. He had a lot going for him. He was engaged to Jill. They had met in college and fell in love and decided to make a life together. He had a great sales job with huge up side if he just made a few sales. Peter had made big promises of taking care of her and their soon to be family. But yet, there he was, sitting in his sales office staring at the phone. Horrifed.

What was it that made so cold calling so horrible. The recipients where strangers. Why did it matter to him that he would possibly be rejected by a stranger? If he would have gotten a call from someone he had never heard of before that went something like, “Hey, Peter, I found your name online, and I don’t want you to ever call me. I don’t want you to be in my life in any way,” and then that stranger hang up, would that be a big deal? No. Peter would have thought it was strange, maybe amusing and go on with his day. He might even tell the story of the funny thing that happened to him that day. “Some stranger that I’ve never heard of asked me to never call them. Isn’t that crazy?” But there he was, making up a story about that same stranger, and how he can’t go on with life if that person he doesn’t know has the chance to say no to him. Now it was a big deal. That really was crazy.

Peter had a flash of insight. He remembered how rude his fiance, Jill was to him the first time he met her. They were at a party with some common friends. Peter saw her and said something stupid like, “Red wine huh. I like red wine too.” His horror of saying something so stupid to a pretty girl he wanted to impressed was only made worse when this same pretty girl just smirked, and without a word turned her back to him to talk to her group of friends. Peter thought for sure that this pretty stranger hated him with all her heart. He would have left the party and run for safety if he hadn’t been stuck there, because he got a ride with a friend that was not about to leave. Peter spent the next few forced to stay in the small quarters of the party which kept him in eyesight of this girl that had now become a forbidden goddess in his mind. He kept himself in agony from going over again and again in his mind what he should have said instead of the Dumb and Dumber line he mumbled.

Then the story he made up in his mind about his world crumbled. This same goddess came up to him as he sat on the sofa in the corner and spoke. “Sorry I was so weird. I felt so self-conscious I couldn’t say anything. I have had two glasses of that red wine. I think I have some liquid courage. Anyway, my friends say you’re really nice so I just wanted to say sorry for being weird.”And with that opening, Peter ran with it. Three years later, there they were engaged.

Peter was sure Jill hated him, but it was just her own fears he was feeling, not him at all. Just as Peter was only thinking about himself in that interaction, Jill was only thinking about herself too. When that happens both people miss each other. Peter was started to see a pattern. The more he paid attention the more he realized people were not thinking about him at all. They were too busy thinking about themselves. This was reliving though, because so much of Peter’s energy was worried about what people thought of him. If they didn’t think of him at all it freed him to pursue his goals and make good his promises, or in this case, make some cold calls.

Could cold calling be the same scenario as the first encounter with Jill that could end just as well? Peter thought yes. With the new found story in his mind that served him much better he picked up that phone and called the first number. He got hung up on. With a smirk he said out loud, “No problem, with a few glasses of wine you’ll be back.” And he picked up the phone and called again.

How faking confidence works

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Don’t resist how people tend to act. Resistance will just dig you deeper into a rut. But you can use people’s automatic behaviors to your advantage.

People tend to follow confidence, because they assume a confident person is competent. People tend to distrust timid people, because they assume the timid person is incompetent.

I’m in sales. I’ve seen it over and over again. The is a salesperson that is heads and shoulders above the rest of her peers in sales. When I’ve had the chance to get to know them, I find out that they are not better then the #2 guy, they just get people to say yes through their confident and direct asking for what they want and assurances they will deliver what their client wants. The really good sales people always find a way to deliver their promises! The bad ones with confidence usually don’t last in the business, because their deception eventually catches up.

There is certainly value in being prepared. And try this on for a week or so. Try acting confident. Try out being 100% sure that you will deliver (even if you are a smarty and can think of 100 ways that can go wrong, just try it out). Try out declaring that others can count on you, because you will do what ever it takes to help your people win! I think you’ll find you will have a lot more people following and saying yes to your requests.

Try it out. I will give you a 100% old-life back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

– Jevon

Remembering Stephen Covey

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A great man passed away. His work and memory will be long remembered though. I came across an interview that Tony Robbins did of Stephen Covey that is absolutely fantastic. Please listen to it and learn from the master of effective and fulfilling living.

Click HERE to go to Tony’s site to listen to this life changing interview.

Piggy back rides are one at a time.

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The saying goes, “You can help a 1000, but can’t carry 3 on your back.”

What you do for another that they can do for themselves makes them weaker. Helping others do what they can do for themselves does not make them stronger.


Managers, parents and the others out there that “need” someone else to do well, please consider. If you are doing for others what they are able to do for themselves (presentations, homework, dishes, laundry, reports, paying bills, etc.) is it really for their good or for you to feel good? … My experience is that most of the time this sort of action is a selfish action on the caretaker’s part.

This is an act of taking, which is selfish and about you avoiding feeling back, feeling uncomfortable that someone else looks in an unbecoming way and feeling like when they look bad it is a bad reflection on you. This is a selfish and taking act. Notice I did not say a selfish person or a taker. My belief is the person is good, the actions come from unhealthy beliefs that don’t work. Actions that use others and harm others to be self serving just do not work.

Here is why, it’s the struggle of a worthy cause that brings the highest life. 🙂 

So, all of you that are well intended, but keep the people you care about weak and crippled by your caretaking, consider this before you “help” again. When you do for them what they can do for themselves you are crippling them.

I have written more on the attitudes and beliefs that support strength for those that report to us and are in our lives. How you come to any situation is what makes the difference, not the situation itself. Go HERE for information on my book on how to transform yourself into the supporter and catalyst for profitable change, instead of the caretaker.

Employee Engagement Does Effect the Bottom Line

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I love this product put out by Get those employees engaged. It is the fastest way to lowering costs and increasing performance. Do it!

Emotions: Great indicators. Horrible masters.

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“I am angry.” “I am sad.” “I am depressed”. “I am so frustrated I’m gonna punch you in the nose!” Et cetera.
Here is a word to the wise. Emotions are not you. You have emotions. It’s true you may feel the emotion of angry, or sad, or depressed, but it is not who you are.

Here is a bit of brain science for any of you wanna-be science geeks like me. Our 5 senses bring in about a million bits of information a second. But you can only handle about 7 bits, or “chunks” (grouped bits of info) at a time. So what does your brain do? It just deletes everything but those 7 bits. This means that you are deleting 99.99993% of all information available to you before you even consider what it is!

How does your brain know what to delete and what to keep? Your brain has filters that are preset up. These filters are like bouncers at a club. If you are on the list you can get in. If you aren’t, you get left outside. The list is your past experiences of what is important and what worthy of considering. Basically, what you have accepted as true in the past, your brain is programed its filters to find only information to substantiate its belief.

Imagine with me if you had a million words to choose from, but you could only choose 7, would you be able to find the words to clearly say any meaning you wanted to from that amount of possibilities? Of course you would! That is what is happening in your life right now.

Maybe you’ve noticed this? Have you noticed that you seem to always get in the same circumstances, get treated the same way, get into the same trouble, same problems, same kind of friends, same relationships, same … you get the point. This is not happening to you. You are unconsciously designing your life to repeat! Yikes, right?

The point of this interesting fact is that your greatest opportunity that you have is not “out there”, but right in front of you. It’s in the people that you already know, but have only thought of them in one static limiting way. It’s in the opportunity that you are already in. Up till now have only thought of in a limiting, one possibility kind of way. It’s in the kind of person that you think you are right now. I have news for you. You are who ever you say you are. Start saying different things about yourself.

Emotions are indicators of what you are thinking about. Bill Harris, creator of Holosync said, “All, yes all bad feelings come from thinking about what you do not want.” Period. If you have a feeling the you would consider bad, it is because you are thinking about something that you do not want. If your thoughts are on that thing that you do not want, it is directing your focus. If you have a million pieces of data or proof available (bits of info from your five senses) at all times you will always, always, ALWAYS be able to find some data to prove that you are right about the way you feel.

Emotions are great indicators. They reveal what you are focusing on. Emotions are horrible masters. That is because your emotions change as fast as your focus does. For some of us this can be often. If you get clear on your goals and make a plan and implement your plan when you “feel like” it, then good luck. You will need it. With out a rich uncle you are gonna be broke! … Just sayin…

So fire your emotions as your master. They are not intended for that. Pay attention to them. When you are feeling good it is because you are focusing on what matters most to you. When you are feeling bad you are focused on what you don’t want, what will go wrong and what you afraid of. So STOP IT, and refocus on what matters most to you.

If you remind yourself hourly for the next 7 days to do this simple question, “Am I focusing on what I want, or don’t want?” or when you your feeling bad, zero in on what you don’t want that you are focusing on and decide “How can I go towards what I do want”, I promise you, life will literally transform before your eyes.

The secret to develop your people & simultaneously save time.

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Time Management meets People Development.

Over the years I have picked up some key strategies that make the biggest difference in a business and in a life. Can you imagine if you had 10 more or yourself to help you? You could get so much done so fast! If you faithfully implement this delegation strategy you will multiply your team’s efforts and results by ten fold by the end of a few quarters.

The 10 Minute Meeting to Get Things Done

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Rockhurst University recently contracted me for some trainings. I had a chance to record a portion of a strategy that enables you to compress time and expand resources through regular intentional meetings with your people. If you regularly schedule this 10 minute meeting with your team, or if you are your team then with  yourself, you will be shocked with the solutions and procedures that come from it. Stick with it as a weekly habit and develop your own policies that will assure results for you every time.

This video is just a glimpse of one of the ten strategies that make up Business Growth Mastery that will transform your business into a self-sustaining  money making machine.

If you enjoy the video, then HERE to take advantage of the no-cost Clarity Assessment that will get you clear and get you moving toward your goals.


3 magic words to get what you want: “How – Can – I ?”

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A small shift can make the biggest difference.

Can you feel the difference between if you were asked “what’s going on?” and “what’s wrong with you?”

Can you imagine that changing the end of your advertising message from  “Operators are standing by” to “If busy, please call again.” could increase sales by 400%?

How about the amazing the difference from hearing “I love you” and “I love you, but…”

Too often we are so focused on the big result, the big payday, the big client, or the big paycheck, that we leave unattended the small things that make the big things up. 

Today I would like to give you one small thing that will make a big difference in your life and the lives of those around you. 

It is “How can I?”

What do you want for this meeting we are in? A new client? A capable employee? The next big idea? How are you going about getting what you want? Do you even know what you want? Assuming that you do know, what are you asking yourself? i assure you that you are asking yourself something. Is it, “I hope I get that new client.” Or maybe, “I wish it were easier to find good people.” Or maybe, “I will try to make some good connections tonight.” Notice anything frilly and without backbone there? I hope so. Either way, listen up. 

Consider that what you say does matter. Consider that your words are a window into your soul and your belief system and such the blue print of your destiny. If this is true, hoping, wishing or trying is just as good as dreaming and playing the lottery. Its fantasy. I would like to propose a simple solution. 

Simple things are can be tricky. They are easy to do, and easy… not to do. 

Replace your wishing and hoping and trying and dreaming with, “How can I?” As far as the neuro-science goes, this sets you up for not a dream, but real life action. “How can I” sets you up to look for something new, and do something new and the result of those two things is getting a new result. 

How can I get that new client?” .. Really, how can you? I don’t care about the reasons you can’t. That isn’t my question. My question is How CAN you? Let your mind search for the answer. Ask it over and over. 

How can I find the people I need to do my business?” Really, how can you? I don’t care about the reasons you can’t. That isn’t my question. My question is How CAN you? Let your mind search for the answer. Ask it over and over. 

How can I make the sales numbers I want?” Really, how can you? I don’t care about the reasons you can’t. That isn’t my question. My question is How CAN you? Let your mind search for the answer. Ask it over and over. 

From here on out, no more wishing, wanting, hoping or dreaming of what you really want. Stop it. From here its about action that will make it rea. And to start the process to assure success, just use these three magic words, “How Can I?

Give advice without offense: Double Permission Approach

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Have you ever been the situation where you want to help someone solve a problem or challenge that they are going through, but after attempting been harshly rejected?  “Mind your own business!” “Thank you, but I am just fine.” “Don’t try to fix me!” and so on… This can be very frustrating for those of us who love to help. Consider what I called getting Double Permission as a possible solution for you and your circle of influence.

Consider getting DOUBLE Permission.

Permission #1:

Get permission to speak about their problem by asking questions so that they tell you the problem or challenge they are having. Ask questions and have them tell you the answers, even if you already know the answer. Only then can you attempt to share your own experience.

“You know, I felt the same way”

“I had the same challenge”.

People don’t really care what you know. They do care that you are interested in them and care about their situation. This first step in being curious and letting them tell you sets the stage for your listener to be able to hear what you have to say. Unless permission #1 is granted, they will at best not listen to your wisdom, and at worst take it as an attack on their competency.

Permission #2:

This is another question. Do not be fooled in thinking that the one you are trying to help has given you a continuing permission to speak contract. They have not. You need to ask again. This is the double permission part. Even though they told you the issue, it doesn’t mean they want you to help with a solution. Often times people confuse your desire to help with a solution as saying that something is wrong with them as a person. Of course this is not true. Getting the 2nd round of permission will help you focus on the challenge, and create value instead of offense.

“Would you like to know what I learned?”

“Would you like to know how I solved or overcame my challenge? I think it might be valuable.”

The key is to actually let them answer! I know this will be challenging, but give it a go. Shut up and let there be silence until you get an answer. This alone could be a breakthrough type experience for the one you are with. Most people do not really want to know the answers to their questions, they just want to talk more. Listening will set you apart as someone who cares.

They might say “No” or “That’s ok, I got it under control”. And let that be ok. You are there to serve. Be available and they may come back. If you really want to help them, your goal is not about getting the reaction from them that you want, your goal is better their situation. Telling them what you think anyway can feel demeaning and once again be taken as an offense from the person you were trying to help.

People are curious sometimes. Even though you may have the answer, they often don’t want to hear you because, they feel attacked or that you think you are better then them, or other silly things that are not true. The way around it is to get DOUBLE permission.  You will find this works well in business and personal relationships. Let them tell you what they want to know.

Consistently practicing this approach will not only set you up as a trusted advisor, but someone who truly cares. People will remember and appreciate you for a lifetime.

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