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How faking confidence works

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Don’t resist how people tend to act. Resistance will just dig you deeper into a rut. But you can use people’s automatic behaviors to your advantage.

People tend to follow confidence, because they assume a confident person is competent. People tend to distrust timid people, because they assume the timid person is incompetent.

I’m in sales. I’ve seen it over and over again. The is a salesperson that is heads and shoulders above the rest of her peers in sales. When I’ve had the chance to get to know them, I find out that they are not better then the #2 guy, they just get people to say yes through their confident and direct asking for what they want and assurances they will deliver what their client wants. The really good sales people always find a way to deliver their promises! The bad ones with confidence usually don’t last in the business, because their deception eventually catches up.

There is certainly value in being prepared. And try this on for a week or so. Try acting confident. Try out being 100% sure that you will deliver (even if you are a smarty and can think of 100 ways that can go wrong, just try it out). Try out declaring that others can count on you, because you will do what ever it takes to help your people win! I think you’ll find you will have a lot more people following and saying yes to your requests.

Try it out. I will give you a 100% old-life back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

– Jevon

Reverse Engineering Happiness/Success

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The quickest way to happiness is changing the words you use.

This is hard to imagine at first, but I’ve found it to be true. Out of the mouth comes the overflow of the heart, revealing what you truly believe. I think most can grasp that concept. If someone is consistently speaking hateful words you can deduce they are hurting and fearful inside. Here’s a secret. We can reverse engineer that same process. Reverse engineering the perfect life works by using the words first and letting your heart catch up.

The words we say are the easiest to dismiss as powerful since they are so easy to produce. It’s easy to say the words, “I love you” or say the words “I hate you”. The affect they have on the inside is profoundly different though. What are the words you use without thinking? Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements talks about being impeccable with your words is the most important task. When we fill our conversation to ourself and others with lots of grace and understanding and love our life suddenly is full of grace and understanding and love. When we fill our conversation to ourself with judgment and ridicule and punishment our life becomes a self made hell.

I do real estate mortgages for work. Mortgages now a days are very difficult since there is a lot of moving parts and regulation. Recently a purchase loan was made very late from other people’s mistakes. The monetary penalty of being late was taken on by me though,  not the consumers that caused the delay. At that point I could have used a number of words to talk to myself and others. My words determine my experience in the moment. “This is not my fault. This was their mistake. They should have paid the penalty, not me. This/they/it is ridiculous. I am so frustrated/angry/depressed/stressed!” These words bring me a bad experience. I am committed to love my life and love others the best I can. From that commitment to myself I was able to use different words. “I can learn from this experience to set better expectations with my clients. The buyers are not the experts, I am. I am becoming a better lender every day from these perfect lessons. I am so thankful that this extra expense doesn’t hinder my way of life. I have an abundance. I am going to do what it takes to make this tricky deal a good experience for my employees and clients.” Even when I write those words I feel my mood shift to a much lighter state from the previous judgmental and negative state. It feels so much better. And since both sides can be equally as true, why not choose the one that feels the best?

Experiment with this. Look for the authentic ways to talk about your life in a positive way and watch your experience of your life lighten and become instantly more enjoyable. The more you enjoy your life and yourself the more enjoyable you will be to others. The more enjoyable you are to others, the more favor you will have in your world. The more favor you have, the easier you will get all you want. It starts with your words though. Easy.


Objections don’t have to be game stoppers.

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An objection can be just a part of the conversation. It is a small shift in thinking to go from thinking an objection is the end, and thinking an objection is a chance to get to the deeper topics that are the most important.

The “Align & Redirect the Objection To Close” formula is:

  1. Align then redirect the objection with one of the twelve statements.
  2. Tell one of your micro-experiences to start them imagining what you want them to think about.
  3. Ask question to start them selling themselves on the benefits when it works for them “What would 5% increase in sales for your company look like?”
  4. Close with the next logical step in sales cycle. “Great, I am able to deliver just that. Aligning the details is the next step. Who is the person that would approve the proposal and how fast would you like your results?”


Design your 12 Statements to interrupt and redirect Objections:

These statements set you up to tell one of your 12 stories or comments that diffuses resistance (See some of my stories below as examples for you to plan your own stories). Stories diffuse resistance because it causes your audience to make pictures in their mind based on your suggestions (aka your story). This brings them to a highly persuadable state so that you can ask for the specific action you want again with an increased probability of acceptance. If you can redirect the objection to get them to consider your same specific request 12 times it is highly unlikely anyone will stay with you that whole time and then say “No”. If they were not interested, they would not still be with you at the end of all 12 of your to objection redirectors. Then use #13.

  1. I can understand that you would feel that way.
  2. You know, I have heard that too.
  3. Actually I have thought that before as well.
  4. I felt the same as you did. Then this happened. I ….
  5. I am not saying you are wrong, AND … (don’t say ‘but’).
  6. Listen, you are a smart guy/woman, what if …
  7. Ok, I see. What would you say to …
  8. The last time I overcame a challenge just like this I …
  9. I can totally relate to your concern. I felt the same way when …
  10. You are right to think that with the circumstances you are in. I am offering you a new element that hasn’t been possible until now. That element is …
  11. What if …
  12. Let me pause you real quick. Are you saying …
  13. I am curious. What has kept you in this conversation after telling me no 12 times?

What you say is not as important as that you say something that keeps the conversation going without creating more resistance in your prospect. My mini-stories suggest images of success for my prospect to imagine, neutralizing the resistance of ‘being sold’ and create an openness for me to re-ask and close based on what their goals and outcomes.

Here is an example of how I would use the #1 redirect with one of my micro-experiences that could lead to closing a sale after I was rejected.  

They say, “Not interested.”

I say, “I understand that you would feel that way. Edison at VHA Corp felt that way too. He didn’t get that asking the same questions were getting him the same results. We found that shifting the questions focus from his service to a broader range of client-need gave him a 30% increase in sales in 6 weeks. It was incredible. What would 30% increase, or how about just a 5% increase across the board in sales for your company look like to you?” 

Then once he tells what that increase would mean, then close. “Great, that is what I am offering. Who is in charge of approving sales development proposals?” and so on. 

Now your turn! Develop your top 12 align and redirect statements. Then your top 12 mini-experiences to suggest success and reduce resistance to your offer through story.