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How faking confidence works

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Don’t resist how people tend to act. Resistance will just dig you deeper into a rut. But you can use people’s automatic behaviors to your advantage.

People tend to follow confidence, because they assume a confident person is competent. People tend to distrust timid people, because they assume the timid person is incompetent.

I’m in sales. I’ve seen it over and over again. The is a salesperson that is heads and shoulders above the rest of her peers in sales. When I’ve had the chance to get to know them, I find out that they are not better then the #2 guy, they just get people to say yes through their confident and direct asking for what they want and assurances they will deliver what their client wants. The really good sales people always find a way to deliver their promises! The bad ones with confidence usually don’t last in the business, because their deception eventually catches up.

There is certainly value in being prepared. And try this on for a week or so. Try acting confident. Try out being 100% sure that you will deliver (even if you are a smarty and can think of 100 ways that can go wrong, just try it out). Try out declaring that others can count on you, because you will do what ever it takes to help your people win! I think you’ll find you will have a lot more people following and saying yes to your requests.

Try it out. I will give you a 100% old-life back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

– Jevon

How to reinvent yourself and flip your “success switch”.

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Reinventing yourself is not as big of a shift as you think. I went from non-profit worker to a top salesman to a sales trainer to a corporate communications trainer to a human behavior specialist. The key is to do what you can where you are at, and take the steps you can to move to where you want to be. Just continue to do no more then what you know now, and sometimes seemingly magically you’ll know what to do next when that future time comes.

In response to a friend wanting to go from managing to training, here is what I shared with her. It’s a system I used. The most important part is to start RIGHT NOW with what you can do. Even though there may be more that you can’t do right now, stop focusing on all of that. Seriously, stop it. Focus on what you can do RIGHT NOW. What can you do? Then think a bit about what you successfully do at this point in your career. Document and systematize these things that you continually accomplish.

Here is your steps to Reinvent Yourself:

  1. Start a list of all the training that you do and have done.
  2. Get clear on the results it has produced.
  3. Come up with a system that you used, or make up a system based on your normal habits that could be replicable. As in, someone else could follow these steps and get the same results.
  4. Now put those “systems” as part of your resume with the results that you can replicate where ever you go and post it on monster.
  5. Connect with people you know (email, Facebook, Linked in) and find out what is out there that could hire a trainer.
  6. Don’t wait for people to hire, start to pursue where you want to work by building a case that hiring you would increase value and lower costs because you are that good at training.

You may not like where you are at, but you never have to be a victim. You are powerful. You can create the life you want as long as you go one step at a time.