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“Working with Jevon is spectacular. I recommend his coaching to anyone wanting clarity in vision and clarity in the action that is needed to produce results.”

—LOUIS: Charles Financial Group: President


“Jevon helped me overcome limitations I put on myself that I never even knew I had. He was the catalyst to get me to my business goals.”

—MIKE: Mike Lee Photography: Entrepreneur, Photographer


“When you are ready to make a change and have realized that you need a skilled perspective to get results, I know nobody better to consult with than Jevon Perra. He walks the talk and can show you how to identify and solve whatever roadblocks stand in your way.”

—ADAM: Entrepreneur


“Jevon heard what I was saying and also heard what I was not saying. He made me comfortable to let down my guard enough to get to the bottom of a dangerous cycle I didn’t know I had. He also showed me the benefits of not allowing the unsaid to remain unsaid.”



“I was able to achieve all my goals… I would highly recommend working with Jevon to anyone I care about. He has helped me with my career and personal life immensely. I not only consider him a great coach, I consider him a friend.”

—TERESA: Chef and Business Owner


“In all the years I have been going to trainings, todays seminar was the absolute best for me. Mr. Perra is a remarkable speaker! So practical and unique in his teaching. The material and information is priceless to me! I was wowed!”

—CHRISTINA: Customer Logistics


“I’ve been to other seminars and Jevon Perra’s was by far the best I’ve been to. Jevon has a dynamic personality and teaching style. He really makes it contagious. I was able to take communications skills from the seminar and immediately put them to use that evening at home and the next day at my workplace. I would highly recommend his courses and coaching to anyone who wants to become a more effective communicator.”

—ALFRED: Architectural Lighting Supervisor


“Jevon’s training was fun, stimulating and engaging. It was very apparent that he was passionate about influencing and knowledgable about the process. It was a pleasure attending his class.”

—ROBERT: Failure Analysis Engineer


“Jevon brought me invaluable clarity. I would recommend his coaching to anyone. Never have I experienced so much personal growth in so little time.  The experience is very much worth the time.”

—BRYAN: Accounting


“Through coaching I was able to change the way I viewed myself and see that I am deserving to go after opportunities that I wouldn’t have in the past. Because of this, I am now doing something I have always wanted. Thanks!”

—INJUNG: Logistics


“Jevon helped me use language that increased productivity for not only me, but the dealer, the sales team and the company.”

—KEITH: Sales Operations


“Get ready for a ride, an adventure and something that will excite and transform you to improve!  ENJOY!”

—NOEL: Will Call Manager


“They were able to get me to see things in myself that I didn’t know were there.”

—ELIZABETH: Operations


“This was an awesome experience. I found my vision.”

—LILLY: Logistics


“Great material! This program has allowed me to learn so much in so little time. Provokes learning and understanding.”

—ADAM: Operations


“It was a great experience for me working with Jevon. I’ve learned that with all the things that I want in life, the only thing standing in the way is myself.”

—MICHAEL: Logistics


“Jevon has been a great help in my life. I realized that I had resources I hadn’t seen before to get things done.”

—VIVIANA: Sales Support


“Every conversation is a powerful positive conversation.”

—RENEE: Human Resources


“Jevon is helping me learn and think outside of the box. We always have a robust, powerful conversation”

—EDISON: Account Executive


“Jevon Perra is a dynamic and open individual that motivated me to examine my skills in being less concerned about “being right” and more concerned about engaging with those around me without resistance which will equip me to take advantage of the next opportunity.”

—GREGORY: Processor


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